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Portrait Tooling Machining Stamping Stacking

Our expert knowledge - your success

Hölzel satisfies the most demanding customer requests and solves the most difficult problems in a reliable way, be it during the stage of project consulting, tool development or prototype manufacturing. Giving advice to our customers in every possible way and promoting the trustful cooperation with them enjoys the highest priority in our company. Our customers can benefit indeed from Hölzel's long-standing expertise.
The experience gained over decades and our activities pursued in the field of new developments have ensured that Hölzel's high-performance precision dies distinguish themselves by their high degree of reliability and endurance.

Our high-performance dies achieve a production speed of up to 4.000 spm on specially designed high speed presses.

We are specialized in high-performance progressive punching dies, “in-die” part assembly and progressive stacking dies as well as in satisfying other customized requirements. The modular design of the plug-in technology and fully integrated die monitoring systems are the standard at Hölzel's. All active elements are manufactured in series from tungsten carbide. However, ceramic items may also be employed as cutting and/or guiding elements, depending on the material thickness and the stroke rate. This allows blanking without lubrication, at higher stroke rates and over longer production runs.

The modular die design according to the Hölzel standard reduces the development and manufacturing input to a minimum. The manufacturing department has a stock of more than 150 internal Hölzel standard parts at its disposal which will decrease the processing time until die completion considerably.

If a lower number of stamping parts is required, we can offer our customers Hölzel-owned universal dies, thus allowing the customer to benefit from Hölzel's usual precision and quality at a reasonable price in relation to the number of pieces processed.

Spares can be speedily replaced without any rework. Depending on the actual situation, Hölzel guarantees a service life of up to 30 mill strokes for its dies after the relevant maintenance intervals.

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