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Portrait Tooling Machining Stamping Stacking

Our capacity - your success

Precision machining is a wide-ranging field in which Hölzel represents the extension of your own facility on the one hand and turns complete customer designs into production on the other.

We use the following manufacturing techniques:
  • Optical profile grinding
  • Jig grinding
  • Creep feed grinding
  • Flat grinding
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Wire cutting, EDM
  • Milling, jig boring, turning
  • Blanking and bending in feed dies
  • Blanking and bending in progressive dies
  • Scrubbing, barrel finishing
  • Micro blasting, polishing

We manufacture on the basis of your drawings and specifications or develop your ideas jointly with you from their introduction into production right thru to the finished product.

You will benefit from our skills and resources in the development department, in tool manufacturing and in the production of stamping parts. Do make use of our tool-making capacities by out-sourcing jobs on CMT basis. Moreover, we will manufacture spares for your own dies on the basis of your drawings.

Hölzel manufactures mechanical components from the minimum number of 1 up to medium-sized series, either as single units or parts completely fitted into assemblies.
When it comes to complementing our techniques by heat treatment and plating processes, we can rely on the long-standing business relations with our supplier base.

We process high-alloy tool steel, tungsten carbide and ceramic as well as all kinds of non-ferritic and ferritic metals for sheet metal processing.

The degree of accuracy achieved with the relevant surface quality is better than 0.002 mm.

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