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Portrait Tooling Machining Stamping Stacking

Our competency - your success

Hölzel does not only solve the most difficult problems in the fields of project consulting, prototype manufacturing and others, it also satisfies the most demanding customer requirements with great reliability at the same time.

In the field of progressive stacking engineering, Hölzel has developed a solution by which productivity is increased a 100% as compared with conventional stamping tools. A patented technique for the in-feed and discharge of stacking punches will allow output rates of up to 1.400 spm.

Hölzel develops and manufactures modularly designed progressive stacking dies for lengths of up to 1.100 mm and a press force of up to 500 kN, in single or multi-row.

We combine the demands made on progressive stacking dies with the benefits of a modular feed-in technology.

This makes it possible to manufacture products with similar features or with a comparable size in a single progressive stacking die, either by using retrofitting kits or exchangeable modules.

The modular design of the dies based on Hölzel standards will reduce the development and manufacturing input to a minimum.

The manufacturing department has a stock of over 150 internal Hölzel standard parts at its disposal. This also decreases the processing time until tool completion considerably.

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